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We always welcome new pupils to our school if we have places available. You can contact the school office at anytime to arrange a school tour should you be thinking Thornhill Primary School is your preferred choice.


If your child is pre-school age we have organised tour weeks in November each year to show around perspective parents. 


The Governing Body of the school are the Admission Authority for the school. As required in the School Admissions Code, the Admission Authority will consider all on-time preferences at the same time for September 2018 admissions.


Parents may express up to three (3) preferences, listing them in the order in which they would accept them. All preferences will be considered and where more than one school could be offered, the parents will be offered a place for their child at the highest ranked of the schools that could be offered.


To read more about our admissions process, download our Admission Policy.


Why choose Thornhill Primary School for your child?


We have fantastic staff, quality resources, extensive grounds and a wonderful adventure playground! Children have the chance to take part in a wide array of experiences through educational trips and a wide range of visitors to our school.  Our partnership with parents is highly valued and we provide a variety of opportunities where parents can become involved in their child’s education.


We were inspected in July 2017 - where the school was found to be still providing a good education to pupils. See our full inspection report letter under 'Ofsted.' 


Ofsted in November 2012 said

“A variety of important strengths can be found here, especially in the way staff care for the emotional and social needs of each pupil”.

“Parents and carers are appreciative of the school. Especially of the way it keeps their children safe”.

“I think the After School clubs are outstanding, providing a great range of activities”.

“Children have an excellent understanding of the different types of bullying and feel that bullying is extremely rare. They say if it does occur it is managed very well. The school does not tolerate discrimination”.


Inclusion Quality Mark (UK) Ltd in February 2015 said

“Thornhill Primary School is a very happy, nurturing and welcoming school and is a pleasure to visit. Inclusion is at the heart of its work and pupils thrive in an environment in which all pupils are equally valued and supported”.

“Pupils are polite, friendly and are able to talk confidently about their learning. They are a credit to the school”.

“There is a rich learning environment and busy working atmosphere throughout the school. Teaching caters for all learning styles and is well matched to individual needs, with a focus on helping pupils to develop the skills they need to be effective and independent lifelong learners”.

“The school has strong links with the local community and the partnership between parents/carers and the school continues to grow and develop. The parents/carers spoken to were very appreciative of the support that is provided for pupils and families and value the “open door” policy, particularly appreciating having a member of the Senior Leadership Team at the gate in the morning, allowing early resolution of any concerns. Their views can be summarised by the following comments, “Children love this school. They are happy and really gain in confidence” and “Everyone I know who has a child at this school says how amazing the school is. I just can’t find fault with it”.


Comments from Pupils


"I joined this school in year 3 and it is so different to the two other schools I went to before. Everyone here cares. We have great books. I now love learning."


"I have always really liked coming to Thornhill. I love it even more now we have a school cat, dog and terrapin."


"I joined the school later in year 2 as my family moved house. It was so different to my last school. But in a good way. I love it here and know I am working to be the best I can be."







Admissions Appeal Timetable 2018

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