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Luna the school dog

Look at the difference I make at our school!


Luna is a friend to all the children and the staff. She is very calming and continues to help children throughout the school. Also, she has a close bond with many children and can reduce bad emotions.


I have Tourettes Syndrome, a condition that makes me tic. These can consist of vocal tics and motor tics. Vocal tics, is a sound that you make and motor tics is an action that you do. These can sometimes make things a struggle and I often have tic attacks. To stop my tics, I try to distract myself. Luna often helps me to calm my tics and has made a huge difference when I’m at school.


When I was having a tic attack at school, I went down and saw Luna. Instantly, she ran towards me and curled up next to me. I started to smooth her and almost all of my tics went away. This was very heart warming and just goes to show how nice she is. Sometimes, when my tics are bad, I walk Luna and that helps too.


In conclusion, Luna has and continues to help me and others. We are really lucky to have her.


Albert Paul, Aged 10

Week beginning 11 July 2016


I am sorry that I haven’t been speaking to you for a long time but lots has happened. 

I hope you all enjoyed Sports Day, I did but I was a bit upset that Mr Collins had not planned a race for me, he promised he would, I am such a fast runner now, I’m sure that I would have won.

At half term I went to stay with Miss Bowden and I had a really good time, she took me out for lots of walks but my favourite place is still the beach.  I just love swimming and digging, the other day I caught a crab, it was a good job it was a tiny one because it was on the end of my nose and Mrs Lucas explained that crabs have claws that pinch and that if it had been bigger it would have pinched my nose.

I have been in the wars! On the day of the flood, I was playing in the woods when something caught my dew claw (it’s a bit like a thumb on my foot).  It was bleeding and I was limping so Mrs. Lucas took me to the vets.  I must admit I was a bit scared and very upset when they said that I needed an operation.  They gave me an injection and I went to sleep, when I woke up it had all been done and my foot had been put in a bandage.  I was very lucky because Sophie Chance’s mum Auntie Ruth looked after me.  I had to go back every two days but I’m better now and I was back playing in the sea yesterday.

Are you going on holiday?  Mrs Lucas says that I am soon, I am getting very excited.  I’ll send you a postcard, will you send me one if you go anywhere fun in the holidays?  I am also having my friend Juno (Mrs Spencer’s dog) to stay for 2 weeks, so I’m sure that we will have lots of fun with Py and that I’ll have lots to tell you after the holidays.

Week beginning 11th April 2016


Wow, I have been so busy since I last wrote on my Blog.  The end of term happened very quickly but I loved seeing all your Easter Bonnets.  I think I upset Mrs Lucas because I refused to wear the one that she made me.  I did manage to cheer her up though because the Inspector who came in to the school wrote good things about me.  Also when the children in Nurture were practicing Mindfulness, I joined in. The children were laying and relaxing, concentrating on their breathing with a teddy on their tummy, so I practiced with piglet on my tummy.  We only did it for 2 minutes but it seemed like a long time.  We had a visitor that day too and she was very impressed with me.


Did you all have a good Easter and get lots of Easter eggs?  I didn’t get any…I don’t really like dog chocolate and apparently human chocolate is bad for me.  I did get a big bone though which I still haven’t finished.


Mrs Lucas went away at Easter so I stayed at Mrs Bradbeer’s and Mrs Spencer’s.  I had great fun.  They really spoil me and took me for lots of walks.  Mrs Bradbeer has a house rabbit who I love but he doesn’t really want to play with me.  At Mrs. Spencer’s I had great fun playing with her new puppy Juno, we wore each other out.  I forgot what hard work puppies are, she never seemed to want to stop playing. 


While Mrs Lucas was on holiday she had some sad news, so I had to look after her when she got back.  I gave her lots of cuddles.  She has still taken me for lots of walks and on Saturday we went down to the beach, I love the beach and I had a fabulous time in the water.


There is a puppy who lives next door to me called Alex, he is a Springer Spaniel and a lot bigger than me.  He keeps digging holes under the fence into our garden and I’ve had a great time chasing around with him.


On Sunday Mrs Sharpes’ dog Py came to play for the day and we went out for a long walk with my family, that was fun.


Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you, some new creatures have come to live in my house.  I am told that they are called goldfish, although I don’t know why because they are not gold, in fact one is black.  They are called; Bubbles, Snappy and Mavis. They are not much fun all they seem to do is swim around the tank and I’m not allowed to even put my nose in to say, ‘Hello’, they seem a bit pointless to me.

It is good to be back to school with you all.  I will write again soon with my new targets.  I think one will be to come back when I’m called because I’m being a bit of a pickle at the moment and refusing to come when I’m called.



Week beginning 29 February 2016


Hi Everybody,


Well, today is Mother’s Day and I guess I’m in trouble because nobody told me what Mother’s Day is and therefore I didn’t buy Mrs. Lucas a present, or make her a card.  It was only when my human family started giving cards that I guessed something was going on but it wasn’t until I met my friend Maxi, at Mrs. Lucas special Mother’s day dinner, that I began to understand.  I’ve given her lots of licks to say sorry.  I hope you remembered to be kind to your family on Mother’s Day.


I have had a busy two weeks since I last wrote to you.  In school I have made some new friends to look after.  I have enjoyed meeting them as I did all your parents at Parent’s Evening.  It was good to hear how well you are all doing at school.


I have enjoyed coming into your classrooms more lately, it is good to see you all working so hard and I love to hear you reading to me, your books seem really interesting.


I have had fun out and about playing with my friends, we run and run and rough and tumble.  On Saturday I went to the top of Portsdown Hill, have you ever been there?  I feel like I am on top of the world, there are amazing views in both directions.  You can see for miles and miles.  Whilst I was there yesterday, some big things with people on top of them came past.  I didn’t understand what they were and started barking (I always do when I don’t understand things).  Mrs Lucas called me over quickly and was really pleased with me when I obeyed her straight away.  She told me later that horses get frightened by dogs barking and bolt, so their riders could have fallen off and got hurt.  I was proud of myself when she told me so I’ll try to remember what horses are and not bark at them in future.

Me on the ‘Top of the World’ with a new friend and my human, Ben.

Week beginning 15 February 2016

Hello to you all,

I am beginning to get the idea of holiday’s now, they mean you don’t have to get up so early and also you do lots more fun things such as long walks, visiting people and playing with my friends more.  I have had a great week, I hope you have too. 

This is a photo of me playing in the park, I love to run.  I love the feel of the wind against my ears and playing chase with my friends is such good fun.  This photo taken by one of my human cousins, Lewis has made me famous…again.  It has been used as the main photo on a website that Mrs. Lucas goes on for Jackapoos, they thought it was a great photo.  I have also spent a lot of time with my friend Py, we love going out together and we make lots of new friends.  Do you like making new friends?

I went to meet Mrs Spencer’s new puppy, Juno.  She is like me, a Jackapoo, but she is black and more curly.  She is so tiny, I was scared of her at first but we had a little play together.  We couldn’t play together for long as she is so tiny but Mrs Lucas and Mrs Spencer say we will be able to play together more as she gets older and bigger.


Mrs. Lucas took me down to the beach at Hayling Island for the day, there was a big, really noisy funfair there but Mrs Lucas assured me that it will never bother me because it’s just for humans.  I had a good play in the sea there.  Mrs Lucas says I should have been called Sandy because I’m difficult to find on the beach.  What do you think? The beach is my favourite place to play.


Well, back to school on Monday.  I wonder what we’ll learn this half term? 

Week beginning 1 February 2016 - My Birthday Week





Can you believe it I am going to be 1 on Friday!!!! Does that mean I’ll have to grow up and stop being a puppy…I hope not because I really quite enjoy being a puppy and having an excuse to get into mischief!!!


Me when I was 6 weeks old.

Sorry that I didn’t write last week but Mrs Lucas was poorly and so didn’t help me write about my week.  I still managed to get into mischief though.  I have a new next door neighbour, he is a Springer Spaniel called Alex and he likes getting into mischief too. We met in the woods for the first time and we had an amazing game of racing around, we were so engaged in our play that we forgot to hear our grown-ups calling, they didn’t seem too happy when we came back…ooops!


Anyway when Mrs Lucas was poorly Alex and I had a chat through the fence and came up with a plan…we dug a tunnel under the fence between the two gardens and now we have two gardens to play chase in.  It was good we worked co-operatively and the tunnel met right in the middle, maybe we should give engineering advice to tunnel diggers. So now Alex keeps coming in to play, I haven’t been in to his garden yet though because I like to keep an eye on Mrs Lucas, you never know what mischief she might get in to if I’m not there.


I had lots of good walks this weekend, I went to the top of Portsdown Hill, I call it the top of the world because you can see for miles and miles up there, it feels like the whole world.  Following that Mrs Lucas took me to Hayling Island for a romp along the beach.  The sea was rushing in really fast and there was lots of waves.  Mrs Lucas told me that the white waves out to sea are called ‘white horses’, they didn’t look much like horses.  There were some men fishing as well and they seem to get a bit worried if I get too close, I’m not sure if they are worried about the hooks or me frightening the fish.


I too have been a little unwell this week, I blame it on Mrs. Lucas for giving me liver to eat, it doesn’t agree with my tummy. 


I had great fun on Friday, Mr. Skelton who has come in to help with the gardening, let me help with the digging.  We were both digging together and I feel that my holes were by far the best.


Have a good week at school, enjoy your learning.  I’m really excited I can’t wait for my birthday.  Do you think everybody will sing Happy Birthday to me like they do to you?  Maybe I’ll get present and a birthday cake too.




Wk beginning 4 January 2016

Well, how lovely it was to come back to school and see you all again!  I was a bit confused because I came back to school a day earlier than you because the teachers had an inset day.  I didn’t understand this and after I had said Happy New Year to the teachers and Marley, I looked for you.  I charged around the school looking everywhere for you.  I thought you were all lost.  I didn’t understand, you can’t believe how relieved I was to see you all when you came in on Tuesday. 


On Thursday I wasn’t well and nearly couldn’t come to school on Friday.  I was up all night being sick and Mrs Lucas sat up all night with me rocking me in her arms.  I was fine again on Friday morning, but Mrs. Lucas looked really tired, she said that it was alright for me I could sleep all day.  She wouldn’t let me eat anything though, I was really hungry by the time I got home, but I’ve been fine since.  Mrs Lucas thinks that I probably dug up a daffodil bulb and ate it when I was being a pickle and digging up the Year R flower bed…ooops!


On Sunday Mrs Lucas and I went out for a walk to Warsash, we stopped on the way to pick up her son and a dog called Connie who is a pure white ball of fluff…she wasn’t by the time we got home and I’ve heard that it took two baths to make her clean again but we had great fun running and chasing.  She wouldn’t come in the sea with me though, she was too frightened but I had a nice paddle, the water wasn’t too cold and I found a huge jellyfish on the beach.  Mrs Lucas thought that it was too cold for jellyfish but it was there.  I think it was dead because it didn’t sting me when I prodded it with my nose.  Mrs Lucas said that I was a silly little dog, but I know she loves me. 


I am getting better at being quiet when I’m told but I still like to have the last word, I’ll keep trying.

Have a good week.

Happy New Year!


I hope you all had a good Christmas, I did.  Thank you for all my presents, I had the biggest pile at home.  I would have had more but just before Christmas, while Mrs Lucas was out shopping, I opened one of my presents (Alfresco the Elf told me to do it), it was a dolphin.  Mrs Lucas was sad with me when she got back.  That was the only thing I did wrong.  I hope that you were good too.


I got lots of new toys including three chewy sticks and a ball that flashes when I poke it with my nose, it scared me at first and I kept barking at it, but now I’m used to it I have great fun.


I had lots of turkey to eat, but I wasn’t allowed Christmas pudding, as Mrs Lucas said that it is dangerous for dogs to eat, it didn’t look that tasty any way.  However, Auntie Ruth bought me some special dog chocolate and that was delicious!


I had two sleep overs in the holidays one with Harvey and Miss Barclay.  They took me to the park where we played chase and I tried to swim with ducks.  They weren’t very friendly, I only wanted to play but they kept quacking at me and swimming away and Miss Barclay wouldn’t let me jump in to swim after them.



I also slept at Mrs Bradbeer’s, their settee is really comfy and I always chill out on it.



It is really good to be back to school, I didn’t understand why I was at home, I thought that everyone was at school and you didn’t want me there anymore. But Mrs Lucas explained that it was a holiday, everybody was at home and that we would be back to school after New Year’s Eve and making our resolutions.


Have you made a resolution?  Mrs Lucas said we had to make them so I’ll share mine with you.  I have decided to make two, one to work hard to make everybody proud of me and the other one is to remember where I’ve hidden all my bones and treats.


Looking forward to working hard this year.  My new targets are:  To stop barking at silly things, to carry on walking on a lead without pulling and to learn to put my toys away (I didn’t want to put the last one but Mrs. Lucas says I have to).

Week 12



OH DEAR!  I am under the impression that I have made the wrong choices and made Mrs Lucas disappointed in me.  Firstly, I didn’t mean to wake her up at 4:30am barking and growling, but I heard a noise and it frightened me.  I was just trying to warn her, I didn’t realise it was the ‘wind’ crashing and banging…I was brought up in the summer, I don’t understand the wind.  Also, don’t tell anybody but I think I’m scared of the dark, well it is scary everything seems to look different and I can’t tell what everything is.  I was embarrassed about telling anybody but my human puppy friends tell me that they sometimes get scared of the dark, so it would seem I’m not the only one.  Do you get scared of the dark? 


Secondly, I upset Mrs. Lucas by tipping the bin over and stealing the left over bones from the spare ribs she had eaten that night.  I can’t begin to understand why she is upset about this because after all, she is the one who keeps buying me bones, but apparently they were the wrong sort of bones for me to eat, because they splinter and could choke me.  I didn’t know this and they tasted pretty good to me.


It has been a funny week, I am getting much better in school and now that you are helping me by not running around when I’m nearby, so I know it’s not playtime, I am allowed to walk around the school off my lead, more often.  I really enjoy coming to assembly and I think your singing is amazing. I especially love listening to the choirs singing and I understand that they are singing at Southampton Guildhall where people will go to listen to them.  I was really looking forward to this, I would really have been as proud them all as the teachers and parents however, Mrs. Lucas says that dogs are not allowed to go so I have to go and stay with Mrs. Bradbeer.  This has made me feel sad because I was looking forward to it and can’t understand why they won’t let me go.  Apparently, it’s a rule.


This weekend I have being staying at my two aunties houses, Mrs Bradbeer and Mrs Spencer, because Mrs. Lucas has been busy and knows that I don’t like being left on my own.  I love staying at their houses and they spoil me.  Mrs. Lucas says that I am a very lucky dog and that I am spoiled rotten, but I feel really happy when I get home too.


Also this week I have to write my letter to Father Christmas.  Mrs. Lucas says he is now checking to see if I have been a good dog.  I guess I’d better try a bit harder or I can imagine that my stocking might be empty.  Mrs. Lucas says that when I have written my letter than I can hang my stocking up in my corner in Badgers. Fingers crossed that I make the right choices then.


I hope that you all try hard to make the right choices this week too because Mrs. Lucas says, ‘You never know who is watching!’



Week 11


What a funny week it has been, I’m really not used to so much wind, I thought my fur was going to blow off!!  The waves were really crashing on the beach and to be honest, I was a bit scared of them.  I still managed a paddle though.

I seem to have been in trouble quite a lot this week, judging by the amount of baths I’ve had.  I can’thelp rolling in all those smells, like fox poo though, I don’t understand why Mrs. Lucas and the other teachers don’t like the smell. They make such a fuss! I don’t always like their perfume but I don’t force them in the bath.


Have you noticed I’m getting much better behaved in school now?  Thank you for helping me by not running and shouting at me.  I love to play but I’m still a puppy and sometimes like you I get over excited.  I still can’t believe I got asked to leave assembly though, but I learnt my lesson because on Friday when I came in I just sat quietly.  It was very interesting, I’m very proud when you get your certificates for working so hard.  I hope I get another one soon.  I am trying hard to walk around the school and not run, without a lead. Mrs. Lucas and I think that I am improving daily.


Thank you to all the children who have remembered to come and take me for walks even when it is windy and raining and you probably just want to stay in.


I really enjoyed meeting all your parents at Parent’s Evening, even if I did get a bit bored in the middle of it and dig us a flower bed…sorry Mrs. Davis, but I am still a baby.


Apparently I have set a really good example and now lots of other schools want dogs.  I feel really proud of that and need to say thank you to all of you too.


I had the best of plays today at the park with my human friends and my best friend Py.  We ran and chased for over an hour and I have been asleep for ages.  It was such good fun and we met lots of other dogs too.


Everybody seems to be talking about something called Christmas.  I don’t really understand it but I have been told that if I’m really good and hang up a stocking in Badgers I might get some presents.  I love treats so I suppose it’s worth giving it a try.  Mrs. Lucas has bought me a Christmas outfit, I don’t like it very much but she says everybody dresses up in Christmas jumpers and eat Christmas dinner, so I expect that I will have to try it.


Week 9 - Autumn Term


WOW!!!! What fun I had today.  I thought, when I woke up this morning, that I was in for a boring day.  The rain was pattering on the window and the wind was howling through the trees.  I really didn’t think that Mrs. Lucas would want to go out far.  But I was wrong.  She put me and Bubbles (the Chihuahua) into the car and drove.  We went through the New Forest, down to Branksome where she got out of the car and let me have a long run on the beach.  It was amazing, the wind was blowing and the sea was very rough, with waves crashing onto the shore but I loved it.  I just ran and ran.  I was so excited I kept making squealing noises which made Mrs. Lucas laugh.  We were so wet we had to put the heater on in the car.  Bubbles however, refused to leave the car, so he stayed in and watched the fun. 


Following my frolics on the beach we than took the ferry from Sandbanks to Studland and then drove to Swanage.  Again it was an amazing beach to play on and this time Bubbles joined in. When we got home I was really tired and Mrs Lucas bought Bubbles and I a big, juicy bone each which took my mind off the fireworks, which was good as I had found them a bit scary.





Remembrance Sunday



Today, Mrs Lucas and our family went to the Cenotaph in Southampton to remember all the people who have been killed in wars.  Mrs. Lucas explained to me that a lot of animals got killed too so I was there to represent them.  I wore my poppy on my collar and I was on my best behaviour.  It was a bit frightening as to begin with a band led the parade and I hadn’t seen, or heard drums before, but I soon got used to it.  It was very sad and lots of soldiers, sailors and air force people marched in.  Poppy wreaths were laid on the cenotaph and I wore my poppy on my collar.  We saw the Mayor and she waved to me, I think she remembers me from when she came to school.  Afterwards, we went to watch the parade again but I was not so frightened this time. Here is photo of me wearing my poppy and watching the parade.

Week 8 - Autumn Term


Hi, I hope that you all had a good half term.  I did.  I began half term staying at my Aunty Sally’s house (Mrs Bradbeer) where I am always spoilt rotten.  I stayed there for 3 nights until Mrs Lucas came back.  Then I went home.  It seemed funny not having to get up in the dark to come to school but I quite enjoy having a lie in, all snug in bed.  I don’t really understand this dark, actually I find it a bit scary, I seem to bark a lot when I go for walks, why has it suddenly started getting dark a lot?


Mrs. Lucas was finding it difficult to see me when we go out so she has bought me a fluorescent collar with flashing lights.  To be honest I felt a bit silly at first, I thought that the other dogs would laugh at me but I’ve seen lots of dogs wearing them so I don’t feel so bad now.  I’ll wear it at the school gate on evening so you can tell me what you think.   


I have had my friends, Bubbles and Max to stay for a while, it has been fun.  We have been racing around and chasing each other.  Max is a Poodle and Bubbles is a Chihuahua, so they are both quite small but they can run really fast, we have been to the park to play chase.  Here is a photo of us with Mrs Lucas after one of our visits, we are all very tired.


Can You Believe It?


Mrs Lucas has always taught me to share! I share my toys, my home, my treats, my food.  Marley and I share beautifully.   Well, seemingly the dogs that are staying with me, in my home have never been taught to share!  Every time I go to get one of my toys or sleep on my special blankie, I get growled at!  I even shared my special bone that Mrs Lucas had bought me when she went on a special shopping trip to Somerset and couldn’t take me because dogs are not allowed in the shops.  It was a lovely, juicy bone and I even shared that!  I would chew one end and I let Bubbles lick the other end (he can’t really chew). Well, this morning when I went to get my bone, he growled and snarled at me.  I couldn’t believe it, what a cheek!  I mean I’m not scared of him he wouldn’t really hurt me but it’s the principle, it’s my bone.  I am not to worry though because when he goes home, next Tuesday, Mrs Lucas is going to buy me a new bone and a special new toy because I’ve been so good and I didn’t react.  Has anything like that ever happened to you?  I think all dogs and children should be taught to share. Have a good week at school and aim for your targets, I’m working hard at mine and I’m getting much better at coming back when I’m called, unless it’s a really good game of chase I’m playing with another dog of course.


Week 7:

What an exciting week! Did you see my photo in the Echo?  It says that I am an ‘internet sensation’ because of my weekly blog to you.  Mrs Lucas bought 3 copies of the Echo and I am very proud to have been in there.  This weekend I stayed at Mrs. Bradbeer’s and went to the Itchen Imperial’s rowing regatta on Weston Shore.  I didn’t actually get to ride in a boat, but I was very good and made lots of new friends.  I really am a spoilt dog!

Natalie the dog trainer came in to teach me again this week but I wasn’t really very good because I didn’t want to learn.  When we went outside the sun was shining and Marley was laying in the sun sleeping and I thought that I’d like to do that but it seemed so unfair because I wasn’t allowed to stay.  Sometimes I really do not understand Mrs. Lucas.  In the summer when the sun was shining all she wanted to do was sit in the sun, so I learned to like laying in the sun, then when I want to she says I’m not allowed.  It’s all a bit confusing really.


I am learning to come to Mrs. Lucas when she blows a whistle, I always get a treat when I get it right.  I think maybe I should start collecting house points like you, I wonder which house I’m in?  I’ll have to find out.  I am also getting better at bringing balls back when they are thrown for me, although I prefer sticks which apparently aren’t good for me.  Natalie has suggested that Mrs. Lucas buy me a rubber stick for me to fetch as it will be safer for me.


Well, I am looking forward to next week, especially if I keep getting treats.  I hope that you have a good week and learn lots of new things too and earn lots of house points.

Week 6:

I am still enjoying coming to School, helping children with their reading and looking after them when they are sad. What an exciting week; meeting the Mayor of Southampton and being photographed with her and also with the School Council. 



The photographer thought that I am so lovely that he is using my photo on his website.


I had a good weekend, visiting Kimmeridge Bay to see the new statue that has been designed by Antony Gormley (who designed the Angel of the North).  Actually, I wasn't really that impressed (but Mrs. Lucas was). I really enjoyed rolling in the smelly seaweed and finding a crab claw, which I insisted on bringing home!  When we got home I had a bath and Mrs. Lucas thinks I smell much better now!!


'Land' by Antony Gormley



Week 5 - Autumn Term


Hi! We have had a much quieter time this weekend.  We went to stay with my cousin Alfie (the dog I went on holiday with in the summer).  His mum had to go away for the weekend so we went to look after him.  It was a bit strange at first and I kept barking as there were different noises to the noises at my house, which didn’t make Mrs. Lucas too happy as she was trying to watch England play football and I kept making her jump.  We both got very excited when it was time to go out for our walk and we nearly pulled Mrs. Lucas over.  She took us to Westwood near Netley.  Have you ever been there? It was great fun!! There were streams to splash in, mud to roll in, grass to play chase on and lots of woods to explore.  There were also lots of other dogs and I found a whippet to play chase with, everybody was surprised because I could run faster than him.



On Sunday, Alfie and I went out for a walk (well, run really, the grown-ups walk) to Weston Shore with Mrs Sharpes, Abbie and PY. We played lots of chasing games, went for a splash in the sea and then allowed our humans to have a cup of coffee and chat in the sun at the café.  I like it when we let them go there because the kind lady who makes the coffee keeps a big jar of dog biscuits and if I sit nicely and look cute, she gives me one.

Luna's blog

Week 1:

Hi! My name is Luna, I am Thornhill Primary School’s dog.  I am 12 weeks old and a cross between a Jack Russell and a Poodle. I like my name, thank you very much for choosing it for me!


I am going to come to school every day and live with Mrs. Lucas and her family.  My job at school is going to be; looking after you when you are feeling sad, being a good friend and listening to you read.  But at the moment I am learning just like you.  I go to special puppy classes and practice when I am at school and home. 


A typical day's timetable for Me is:


7:30:  Arrive at school - socialisation time with school adults

8.30:  Put on her hi-vis jacket and go to gate to greet the children

8:40 - 9:00: Gate duty

9:00:  Luna goes to bed until 10:15

10:15: Walk and socialisation

11:00: Luna goes to bed until 12:00

12:00 - 1:00: Walk in top woods and socialisation with children in Badgers

1:00 - 3:00: Luna is in Nurture or KS2 classes

3:00: Gate duty

3:30: Free time and off duty.

6:00: Home


Week 2:

I have had a good time at school and I am trying very hard to be the best that I can be.  Thank you for all my presents and toys and to all the people that take me for walks, it is good fun in the woods.  This week I saw a deer in the school woods!


Week 3: 

I have been around the school more and don’t feel quite as frightened! Thank you all for leaving me alone and just talking to me, it’s quite scary when there are a lot of children near me because you are quite big and I am very small!  This week I went on the Year 4 outing to the New Forest, that was great fun.  I had never seen a horse before, they look quite big. 

There were lots of open spaces and new smells.  Thank you Year 4.


Week 4:

This week I stayed with Miss Gatherer at her house whilst Mrs. Lucas went on holiday.  I missed Mrs Lucas but had great fun with Miss Gatherer, she took me on lots of walks to new places, including Holly Hill and down to the shore where I played in the water and seaweed. After rolling in fox poo, I had to have a bath! I think I smell better now.


Week 5:

Back to school, the holidays are over.  It is nice to see you all again.  At dog training this week I have learned to sit & stay and come when I am called.  Mrs Babbidge has taught me to give a paw to say please for treats, and I came to Assembly to receive a cheque for £500 from Onecom towards my training!



Picture 1

Week 8:

I did it!! I passed my puppy training course on Tuesday.  They awarded me with a certificate. I hope it is presented to me in Assembly, like everybody else.  Although I have to keep on practising and learning new things like you do, I don’t have to go puppy training again until September, so now I will have more time to play with my friends.  I am beginning to get better at doing as I’m told and don’t cry as much when Mrs Lucas leaves me because I know she is coming back.


On Friday, I went on the 100% attendance trip to the Royal Victoria Country Park.  Even though I haven’t been at school as long as you, I was allowed to go because I have been to school every day.  We had great fun and there were lots of good smells around.


On Saturday Mrs. Lucas took me into the New Forest where I saw a cow! They are very big creatures who scared me a bit and I wanted to bark, but I wasn’t allowed because apparently it may have scared them.  I don’t really see how a little thing like me can scare an enormous thing like that, but I did as I was told.  On the way home though I barked at my neighbour who laughed and said, ‘Just because you are in the paper and famous, you don’t have to develop an attitude’.  I don’t know what he meant!


On Sunday, Mrs Sharpes brought my friend Py round to play and we had great fun racing around the garden but I got told off because I wouldn’t share my toys with him.  It’s hard growing up;  there’s so much to learn.

Week 9:

Another exhausting week!!! There have been so many visitors in to school and I have had to be on my best behaviour and I it has been so hot!  On Tuesday Mrs Lucas was worried about me being too hot so she took me to the beach.  I found some lovely gooey, sticky mud to roll in and chased lots of seabirds.  When I got home I splashed around in the paddling pool with my toys until I was cool. I hope you enjoy playing in paddling pools as much as I do.



On Thursday I went to tennis with Mrs. Carr and her children.  I thought I was going to play too but they didn’t let me.  I expect they thought I was going to run off with the ball.  I wouldn’t have done that though because this week Harvey Kille taught me how to fetch the ball and bring it back. 


Guess what?  It happened… I had my Certificate presented in Celebration Assembly.  I felt so proud and clever when you all clapped me…thank you.


On Friday night I had a big adventure!!! Mrs. Lucas took me to the railway station and I went for a ride on a train.  I was petrified to begin with, I thought that it was a big noisy monster coming in to the station.  I nearly tripped Mrs. Lucas up trying to get away from it, but she cuddled me and took me on.  Inside it had seats so I settled down and even walked around in the carriage.  It wasn’t so bad really and I won’t be scared next time.  Have you been on a train? 


I have spent most of the weekend on the beach.  I love the beach and I have even learnt to paddle.  On Saturday I went to Lyme Regis, where I found something even better than a crab claw, a cuttle bone.  I insisted on bringing that home as well.  On Sunday I went to Lee-on the-Solent with my family, I had so much fun running around with my human playmates; Ruby, Imogen and Ben and bouncing in and out of the sea. 


Week 10:

Another eventful week! I really enjoyed Sport’s Day and meeting everybody, including lots of your parents and relations.  However, I do think that it was a little unfair that there wasn’t chance for me to show off my running and jumping skills.  I am an extremely fast runner and I can jump over a metre from a standing position. It was good to watch you all taking part though and maybe next year I can join in. I don’t know which House I am in, so I can’t collect House Points yet. I am enjoying Badgers at lunchtimes and I love it when you come and collect me and take me to the woods for walks. When Billy was laying on the floor reading I wanted to hear the story, so I settled down to listen.  He thought it was funny but I was quite comfy.  I hope you enjoyed the Wizard of Oz, I am sorry that I interrupted it, I came in to watch …but that lion was so scary, I was frightened that he was going to hurt you so I barked loudly to tell him to go away.  Mrs Lucas explained that they were only dressed up but I sure was scared to begin with.

On Saturday, Mrs Lucas and I had another adventure; we went on the ferry from Lymington to the Isle of Wight.  Have you ever been to the Isle of Wight?  The ferry was enormous, even bigger than the train last week, with as many strange noises.  I got on it quite bravely and climbed lots of stairs until we reached the top deck.  I was so high I felt as though I was in the sky and the noisy seagulls were very close.  Once on the Isle of Wight I played on the beach where there were jelly fish as big as car tyres and lots of shells.  I got extremely brave and went paddling in the sea, where I found an oyster shell which I brought home.  On Sunday night Mrs Sharpes and her dog Py, my friend, came to call for me and we went out for a walk.  I ran so much that I came back exhausted, I don’t understand why they call it walking.  I can’t wait to find out what next week brings.

Luna on board the ferry!

A new school year


Hello I have had a lovely summer holiday, I hope you have too!

At the beginning of the holidays I went to Devon with my friend Alfie. We had a lovely time!

Here's what I wrote on the back of this postcard:


'Hello Everybody

This week I am on holiday in Devon with Mrs Lucas, her friends and another dog called Alfie. We are staying in a cottae on a farm surrounded by cows...they are very big and make a strange mooing sound. At first I was very scared and kept barking at them, but I'm used to them now....although they do smell!

I have been on lots of walks, paddled in streams & the Sea and dug lots of holes. Tomorrow I'm going to play on a sandy beach.

See you all soon, lots of Love Luna x'


When we arrived home it was time for me to go to the vet’s for my operation.  They were so kind to me and Aunty Ruth (Zoe and Sophie Chance’s mum) looked after me.  I did feel a little poorly after the operation but by the next day I felt much better.

I had to keep going to the vets because I kept jumping around and my tummy didn’t heal very quickly but going to the vets is fun and they all make such a fuss of me.  I am a bit of celebrity now, a photograph of me is displayed on the vet’s website.  I would like to say a big thank you to the vets for looking after me and caring for me so well.

I had lots of exciting adventures on my holidays from swimming in the sea (I can swim properly now without my feet touching) to digging big holes in the sand and meeting lots of new friends.  However, the thing that I still enjoy the most is getting muddy!!

Mrs. Lucas isn’t so sure about this though so she gives me a bath and much prefers it when I look like this.

I am completely better now and really happy to be back to school.  I did miss you all.

I am ready to learn again, Mrs Lucas says I’ve got a lot to learn still, such as coming back when she calls me and being quiet when she asks me to, I’ve learnt to bark!!

So, I will carry on working to be the best I can be…but I’m still going to get muddy whenever I can!!

Week 2 -Autumn Term

Another exciting week at school.  It’s so good to be back amongst my friends, I am trying hard to be a good school Nurture Dog and to look after you all when you are sad.  I really enjoy it when you take me out for walks at break and lunchtime.  Sitting at the gate before and after school makes me feel extremely proud to be your school dog.  I believe that we are one of the only school’s in Southampton to have one but I think lots of other schools like the idea because they keep asking Mrs Lucas about it.

Next week my new training will start, there is a dog trainer coming in especially to work with me.  I hope I am as good at my lessons as you are. 


My targets are:

  • To come back when I am called.
  • To stop barking and be quiet when Mrs Lucas says, ‘quiet’
  • To walk around the school without getting too excited.


I think that these are going to be quite hard to learn because I’m always asked to come back when I’m having fun, I have just found out how to bark and enjoy having my say and it’s hard not to run because there are so many interesting things to see and do but I will try my best.


I have been having fun when I’m not at school.  I have been down to the sea shore where I happily chased sea birds, I’ve been out with my friends.  Here is a photo of me with my friend Py (Mrs Sharpes dog) at Weston shore. We have great fun running and chasing each other.


Here is a photo of me running fast.  Maybe if the other schools get dogs, we could have a dog’s sports day, I’m sure that I would win the running races.

When I go to the beach I love paddling and swimming, this week I caught some seaweed which was good fun to shake.


Week 3 - Autumn Term


Oops, sometimes I get things wrong…well I’m still only a baby! This week while Mrs Lucas was holding a really important Behaviour Conference in the school hall I got so excited I accidently went to the toilet in the corner, how embarrassing.


On Thursday I went on the Year 6 trip along the River Itchen.  We saw the source of the river at Kilminston, I thought it looked a bit like a big muddy puddle really but I wasn’t allowed to paddle in it.


We then went to Cheriton which is a quaint village with thatched cottages. I particularly liked the river here and jumped in, I soon jumped out, it was freezing! We walked round the village , where there were lots of ducks but they didn’t seem to want to play, they just kept ‘quacking’ and running away.


We then went to Winchester where we had lunch and then we walked along the banks of the river to St. Cross.  I kept jumping in the river to cool off, it was a long walk.  I accidently gave Year 6 a demonstration of silt because whilst Mrs. Mulcahy was explaining what the ‘Danger silt’ signs meant, I jumped in and sank all the way up to my tummy. Luckily I was on my lead and Mrs Lucas helped me out.  



In one field there were cows but as you remember, my holiday in the summer had been spent surrounded by cows, so I wasn’t bothered and didn’t bark or chase them.  They did chase another dog we met though.  I’m so glad it wasn’t me.


I had a busy weekend again on Sunday I went on two long walks to the park and beach, one was with my friend Py.



I have a busy week next week, my grown up puppy training to be a Nurture Dog in school, starts. I hope that I am as good at learning as you and I achieve my targets and make you all proud.These are my targets, I hope you will praise me when you see me doing them:                                      

                                 Recall to a whistle


                                 Walking nicely on a lead


I’ll let you know how I get on next week.



Week 4 - Autumn Term


Another busy week.  My new school coat came and I don’t like it very much but Mrs Lucas says I have to wear it, it looks smart and keep me warm.  I didn’t agree but she wouldn’t let me take it off, so I jumped in the pond.  Now it’s muddy and I can’t wear it until it’s washed.  She didn’t look very pleased with me but I think it’s only my behaviour she doesn’t like, not me.


The dog trainer came on Thursday to start my new lessons and she suggested that we change Badgers round so that I have a corner to myself for when I need some peace.  Come in and see the way it has been changed.


On Saturday the sun was shining so Mrs Lucas and I got up early and went to Charmouth, which is near Lyme Regis and very close to Devon.  Charmouth is a famous area for finding fossils (see the bottom picture).  It is part of the Jurassic Coast.  Mrs Lucas looked for fossils whilst I was playing but she didn’t find any. The sun was shining and I had great fun on the beach.  I went swimming, dug holes and raced around on the sand.  I also made some new doggy friends who I played chase with. 



After that we went to Lyme Regis and I tried mussels to eat.  I don’t know why Mrs Lucas likes them, give me a nice juicy bone any day.  Then we went on to the beach and I practised chasing, running and coming back.  I was really good and came back every time I was called, so I think that made up for deliberately making my coat muddy. A famous film called the French Lieutenant’s Woman was filmed here on a place called the Cobb.  Also an artist called Adrian Gray who is famous for stonebalancing art, shows off his work at Lyme Regis. He creates balancing sculptures using weathered stone. It is really fascinating to watch him balance his stones, it takes ages and he must be very patient.


My human friends, Ben and Immie came to stay on Saturday night and we spent ages chasing around and playing.  When they went to bed I slept close to them to guard them and in the morning we woke up very early - 6am.  Mrs Lucas found us bouncing on the bed, it was such fun! I’ve never bounced before, maybe I can be a trampolining dog.   Do you like bouncing on the bed and do you get told off too?


When they went I was so tired I had to have a nap.  Later on Mrs Lucas and I went for a walk in the woods, where I chased sticks and came back every time I was called.


Have a lovely week at school this week and let’s work hard to achieve our targets.



Luna is our Thornhill Primary School dog! Please read her blog below to find out how she is part of our school. She has settled in really well. 


We are also very happy to announce that Luna has been sponsored by Onecom! We are very grateful for their support.