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02.07.20 - Art

Last week we looked at Kandinski.  This week it is Jan van Eyck

Jan van Eyck was the first artist to master oil paints. Where previously eggs had been used, which dried quickly, oil dried much slower and allowed him time to capture more detail within his works. The meaning behind his painting 'Alrnolfini's Portrait' is still debated to this day, 600 years after it was created. This is because Jan van Eyck hid clues within the painting to give deeper meaning to it - the more you look at the painting, the more clues you'll find.


Go to this web page and scroll down to the Jan van Eyck video.

Have a think about how you could work in the same way as Jan van Eyck - what objects have a meaning to you or to those around you?

Make a list of at least five objects you could include in a painting, making note of their implied meaning.  You could use paint or make a collage.