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Roll and Reads

I have added three roll and reads for the children to use depending on where they are in their phonics learning.

  • Phase 2 are the single sounds, if you were given a sheet at parents evening highlighting sound that were still to be learnt then use this roll and read.
  • Phase 3 single are the first sounds within phase 3, check their current reading book to see what sound they are focusing on.
  • Phase 3 digraphs, most children will be able to decode these words.


Roll a dice to select which line of words to read. Keep rolling the dice to read all words.



Phase 2 - Copy 3 words that you can read.  Practice letters you find tricky.

Phase 3 single - 2 chillies - Write a sentence using one of the words. Practice letters you find tricky.

Phase 3 digraphs - Write 3 sentences using words from the roll and read.  Try to use the word ‘and’ to join two sentences.