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Today we are going to use a branching tree for living things. Last week you used a branching tree for Liquorice Allsorts.


First you will play the Guess Who? game with your family.


1. One of your family choose a living thing picture from the guess who grid without letting anyone else know which one.

2. The rest of the family take turns to ask the picture chooser a question. The answer can ONLY be YES or NO. (there are some suggested questions on the ideas sheet.)

3. Questioning continues until they work out which living thing picture has been chosen.



Guess Who?

Question ideas

Remember the answer can only be yes or no!

Is it an animal?

Is it a plant?

Does it have feathers?

Does it lay eggs?

Does it live under water?

Is it a mammal?


Once you have played the game use questioning and sorting to complete the branching tree for living things.





Living things branching tree