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05/05/20 - Order and Compare Decimals   

Today we are going to continue looking at decimals but now we need to think about ordering and comparing them. We will be looking at decimals with up to 3 decimal places - but be careful as some questions may try to trick you. Remember to use the PowerPoint on the website below to help you!


Key Vocab:
Ascending = from smallest to biggest (going up)
Descending = from biggest to smallest (going down)



Order the following decimals in ascending order.

4.2        4.14       4.02      4.111       4.1


To order the decimals, I first want to make sure they have the same number of decimal places after the decimal point (for this question this would be 3.d.p. as 4.111 has three digits after the decimal point). We do this by putting place holder 0s in.


4.200       4.140          4.020           4.111       4.100


We can now order these from smallest to biggest. Because the digit in the ones column is 4 for all of the numbers. We need to look at the digits after the decimal point.


4.020       4.100          4.111       4.140            4.200


So the answer using the original decimal numbers would be.


4.02      4.1         4.111       4.14       4.2


Now try out these questions - you may have to change some fractions to decimals (check previous days learning) before you can order them.