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Reading Task

Read this lovely poem about a man remembering his beloved Grandmother.  If there are any words you do not know look them up in a dictionary or use an online dictionary like



I stayed with her when I was six then went

To live elsewhere when I was eight years old.

For ages I remembered her faint scent

Of lavender, the way she’d never scold

No matter what I’d done, and most of all

The way her smile seemed, somehow, to enfold

My whole world like a warm, protective shawl.


I knew that I was safe when she was near,

She was so tall, so wide, so large, she would

Stand mountainous between me and my fear,

Yet oh, so gentle, and she understood

Every hope and dream I ever had.

She praised me lavishly when I was good,

But never punished me when I was bad.


Years later war broke out and I became

A soldier and was wounded while in France.

Back home in hospital, still very lame,

I realised suddenly that circumstance

Had brought me close to that small town where she

Was living still. And so I seized the chance

To write and ask if she could visit me.


She came. And I still vividly recall

The shock that I received when she appeared

That dark cold day. Huge grannie was so small!

A tiny, frail, old lady. It was weird.

She hobbled through the ward to where I lay

And drew quite close and, hesitating, peered.

And then she smiled: and love lit up the day.


Poems were written to read out loud. You will understand it better if you read it aloud. You could record yourself performing it and send us your video.  If your family are feeling brave, you could get them involved too.  If your parents or carers are happy for us to put the video on the website tell them to let us know when they send the email.

Tomorrow, there will be questions on this poem.