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Reading Task

Your reading challenge this week is all about Bumblebees.  There are loads of them about at the moment and this will teach you all about them.  Today you just need to read the fact sheet.  In the following days there will be questions about it. When reading through the text, make sure you underline key words (names, places, dates, numbers) and look up the definition to any words you are unsure of. Why not challenge yourself to use your new word in a sentence?

Writing Task

Today’s writing challenge is to look at the picture and write a story based on it. Write in the first person (I). Choose whether you want to write from the girl’s perspective, or the cat’s.

These questions may help to get you going.

Why is the girl inside the jar? How did she get there? Can she get out? Does she want to? Does she have everything she needs inside the jar? Why is the cat looking at her? Are they communicating? Are they friends?

In your writing, make sure you are trying to use the Year 5 skills that we have learned this year. You could use:

- a drop-in clause to add extra detail to your sentences

- figurative language (similes, metaphors, personification, onomatopoeia, alliteration) to exaggerate your strange story

- a variety of different sentence starters to make your story interesting (ISPACE sentence starters are a good place to start)

- Can you use one of the following Year 5 and 6 spelling words?


Good Luck! Send us your completed pieces of writing, we would love to read them! We will give you some pointers on how you could make your story even better. You could hand-write your story or type it straight onto the document below.