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We hope that you have had a nice Easter break at home and are all safe and well! 


This week your learning is going to be based on this video clip:  

Parents - please could you watch the video first and ensure that you are happy for your child to watch it. Don't worry, it has a happy ending!


Key words you need to remember for the task:

Predator - an animal that hunts other animals for food

Prey - an animal that gets hunted for food


1. Watch the video clip and then use Task 1 to make notes on what happens in the video. Re-watch the video if you need to when you are making your notes. 


2. Look at the narrow escape pictures and say what the predator and prey is in each one. Choose your favourite picture that you would like to write a short story about.


3. Use the storyboard to make notes and plan your story. Then use your storyboard to tell your story to somebody else.


Fun-time extra:

Practice telling your story and then get an adult to film you telling it. Who could you share your story with?