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Writing Task

Jar Wizard

Using your observation skills and your imagination, answer the questions below and then write about the Jar Wizard. 

Why is he carrying all of those jars?




What’s inside them?




Why are they attached to his clothing? Couldn’t he just carry them in a bag?




Why is he wearing this clothing?






Is he going to open the blue jar? Why?



Why is his other fist clenched?



What does his body language tell you about his thoughts and feelings?



Choose 3 words to describe this character. Explain your choices 

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.


Now write about the Jar Wizard.  The genre is up to you. Will you write a story? Will you write a poem (If so, what type of poem will you write?) Will you write a newspaper report? . . .  It’s up to you!