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We know your child has probably heard this story before. It is important that they listen to it throughout the week as each time they will pick up on different ideas. 

Remember the words do not have to be spelt correctly it is better that your child uses the sounds they know to sound out the words themselves using their sound charts. In red we have put what this might look like for each challenge. 


Today we would like your child to make a wanted poster for the Fox character in the Gingerbread Man. Every child needs to draw a picture of the Fox first. 



For the hot challenge your child will need to write 2 words. You can give your child the word the to copy if you need to. They could write: The fox. The fos. 


For the spicy challenge your child needs to be able to write a few words about the Fox. They could write: The fox is sneaky. The fox is sneekee.


To complete the flamin' hot challenge your child needs to write a sentence about the fox using the word and to make their sentence longer. They could write: The fox was sneaky and ate him up. The fox was sneekee and ait him up. 


Below is an example of another child's wanted poster for the Big Bad Wolf: