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Today you will need the storyboard that you did yesterday, so hope you kept it safe!


You also need to remember all the learning we have done about adverbials so far in year 4. Don't worry, there are things to help you remember as well.


1. Use the Adverbials Powerpoint or the Adverbials Revision card to help you remember all about adverbials and what they are. You can also have a look at this clip as well:


2. Use Task 1 to find the verbs and adverbials in the sentences. Then say whether the adverbial tells you how, when or where. There is an answer sheet for you to check your answers after you have completed the task.


3. Find your storyboard and tell your story to somebody. Then, write sentences about your story making sure to include adverbials (there are word banks/idea on the task 2 documents to help you).




Fun-Time extra: Find out some more information about the predator or prey in your story. What are the three most amazing facts that you can find?