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For today's task, you will need the storyboard you made with your plan for your narrow escape story.


1. Imagine that you are the prey in your story.

  • Where were you at the start? What were you doing?
  • What did you see and feel when the predator attacked?
  • How did you escape?
  • How did you feel afterwards?


2. Remind yourself of writing a recount in the first person.

  • Read personal recount features (there is a picture on this page)
  • When you tell the story from the point of view of the prey you are giving a personal recount


3. Now write your story in first person as if you are the prey.

  • Use your storyboard to help you with the structure
  • Include adverbials in your writing. Use the word bank of adverbials to help you.

Challenge: Include description using expanded noun phrases, similes or metaphors.


Fun-time extra: Make an illustration (picture) for your story or a front cover.