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23.06.20 - Writing Task

Hi Blackbirds and Pigeons,

Before you start writing, we’re going to revise RELATIVE CLAUSES. 

To make your writing more interesting and precise, we use clauses to add information.  A RELATIVE CLAUSE is a specific type of subordinate clause that adapts, describes or modifies a noun. RELATIVE CLAUSES add information to sentences by using A RELATIVE PRONOUN SUCH AS WHO, THAT OR WHICH. The relative clause is used to add information about the noun, so it must be 'related' to the noun.

Use the document below to answer some questions based on the Robot Maker. Once you really know him, enjoy writing about him. You can write in 1st (I) or 3rd (he) person.  You can write in the present tense – He is . . .  I am … - or past tense – He was … I was …