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Today you will be using the story of 'Ananse and the Pot of Wisdom' for your tasks. 


1. Read the story and answer these questions:

  • How would you describe the character of Ananse? Write three sentences to describe him. 
  • Do you think what happened to him was fair? Why?


2. Summarise the story. (Give the main points)

  • Use words and pictures to put the story on 'Story Summary'
  • Try using your summary to help you tell the story to somebody else.


3. Practise using conjunctions. 

  • Use the Clauses and Conjunctions revision card to remind yourself about verbs, verb phrases, clauses and conjunctions. 
  • Complete the Multi Clause Sentences 1 task.
  • Challenge yourself to complete Multi Clause Sentences 2 task. If you feel confident you can start on this task instead of completing number 1 first.