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Your writing challenge this week is … POETRY.  Each day we’re going to be asking you to write a poem in a different style.


Before we do, you need some tips on how to get started.  These are some great tips from a poet, writer and teacher called Jamie Nanfara. So today you need to read this and get prepared by doing what she says in item 1.


1. Think of a Topic
Divide a piece of paper into four equal parts and label them

1. People and places you love,

2. Things you like to do,

3. Questions you have about the world,

4. Memories. 

Then, think of topics you might want to write about for each heading.  Challenge yourself to write 3-4 ideas for each heading.  Which idea do you want to write about first?  

Ext - Can you turn some of your ideas into similes, metaphors, personification or alliteration. 

This is today's task. 


Read the rest of the document below for more tips that you can use throughout the week. 


If you fancy writing a poem today, then why don't you try and write a poem in the style of The Dreadful Menace - a poem that we looked at last term. 


Good Luck! Send us your completed work, we would love to take a look! We will give you some pointers on how you could make your work even better. You could hand-write your story or type it straight onto the document below.