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Doctors and nurses

  • Tell the children that we are going to pretend to be doctors to help our patient feel better!
  • Begin by showing the children the Large Cut-Out picture. Tell the children that this is our patient. Explain that we are going to take it in turns to be the doctor, pick an accident card and work out how to make our patient feel better after they have been hurt.
  • Talk about the words doctor and patient. Have the children heard these words beforehand? Have they been to a doctor or nurse? What did the doctor do? Explain that doctors and nurses make people feel better by looking after them and sometimes giving them treatments or medicines. Explain that the word ‘patient’ means the person who is hurt or unwell.
  • As a group look through the Body Part Cards and ask the children to point to the different parts of the body on the Large Cut-Out. Discuss new words and where to locate different parts of the body e.g. elbow, knee, shoulder etc.
  • Place the Accident Cards in a pile next to you, and the materials and the Body Part Cards spread out either side of the Large Cut-Out.
  • Choose a child to be the doctor and ask them to pick up an Accident Card – this is what the patient tells the doctor.
  • Read the chosen card to the group and end with the phrase ‘Doctor, doctor, make me well!’
  • Then ask the ‘doctor’ if they know which body part is hurting from the accident – ask them to point to the correct part on the Large Cut-Out. Use the Body Part Cards to support the children in identifying the correct part.
  • Then ask the ‘doctor’ what they will need to use to make it better e.g. a plaster for a cut knee, cotton wool for a bump etc.
  • Support the children to choose something suitable and place it onto the Large Cut-Out in the right place, i.e. putting a plaster on to a poorly cut knee.
  • Then ask the next child to be the doctor and pick an Accident Card. Repeat the process of deciding what is wrong and treating the patient.
  • Repeat until the Accident Cards are all gone and the large person is better!