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Science - Living things and their environments


Today we are going to learn how to sort things using a branching database.


1. Look at the branching database to sort liquorice allsorts. What questions have been used to sort the sweets? Why does each question have a yes or no answer? 



The first question sorted the sweets according to shape. That sorted them into two groups.

The second question sorted the sweets on each branch according to colour. 

As there were only two sweets on the right hand branch no more questions were needed on that side.

On the left hand branch more questions were needed.


2. Choose 6 different sweets from the sheet or find 6 different sweets in your home. Draw a branching database to sort your sweets. What questions will you choose? What will decide which are the best questions?



3. Take a photograph of your branching database and send to your teachers.