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29/04/20 - Decimals as Fractions

We are going to continue with converting fractions and decimals but today we are going to look at thousandths. When writing fractions as decimals, you need to think about the place value of each digit. Before completing the tasks, make sure you work through the PowerPoint below to help you with this unit. If you have any questions, or you get stuck, make sure you email your teacher for some help!

Now try changing the following fractions into decimals. Use the place value grid that is at the bottom of the page to help if you need it!




Feel free to either send an image of your work when it is completed or you can use the document below (29.4.20) and type your answers straight on to them and email this to us. We will then give you the answers and point you in the right direction if you are making a common mistake. If you are stuck or would like some feedback on the work you have completed, or you want to show us what you have achieved, make sure you send your work to or 


We look forward to hearing from you!