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 Monday 30th March 2020




Please use your phonics booklet to recap some pages. Your child should be learning sounds towards the middle/end of the booklet by now. So, recap those at the beginning of the booklet and focus on learning one sound that you are finding tricky. 



So far we had started to read a book called The Odd Egg by Emily Gravett. We had only read a few pages so enjoy listening to the rest of the story on You tube.



Listen to the story and answer the questions with an adult. Encourage your child to speak in full sentences. You could record their answers in their homework book if you like and email them to us.

  • What animals are in the story?
  • Who found the egg?
  • Why do animals sit on eggs?
  • Name some animals that lay eggs.
  • Who came out of the egg?


Most importantly, enjoy the story!!!smiley