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Reading Task

Your reading task for today is to read this text about the weird and wonderful octopus.  If there are words you do not know look them up in a dictionary (hard copy or on-line) or ask a family member if they know. You’ll be amazed what this 8-limbed mollusc can do!

Once you have found the definitions of the words you are unsure of, try using them in your own sentence or find synonyms (words that mean the same thing) and antonyms (words that mean the opposite) of the words. 


You can email us with any questions you have about the text and we'd love to read some of your excellent and exciting sentences you have created. 


Writing Task

Your writing challenge for today:


A Door Opens

"What's in the room I have never entered?

What's behind the door I have never opened?"

Write a short story about what happens when you open the door.


Top Tips:

Think about why you're at this door. Where is it? What happens when you enter? What do you see? Hear? Feel? Make sure you have a good ending.



Can you use our Year 5 skills in your writing? Try to add the following in:

- relative clause

- simile

- metaphor

- personification 

- expanded noun phrase


When you have completed your piece of writing, we would love to read it! You can either use the word document below and type your writing onto this and then e-mail us the document. Or, if you would prefer, you can hand-write your story and send us a picture. 

We look forward to reading them!