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Hi Everyone,


Our topic on a Monday afternoon is Art. Our Art for the term is mark making. We have attached the mark making progression. We have also attached a mark making grid if you have access to a printer. If not, you can draw a grid on a piece of paper (3x4 grid).


We would really like you to spend a bit of time on stage one of the mark making progression to ensure that you are focusing on using 'x,o,l,c' shapes but doing these much smaller than you have practised before. You have all had lots of practise drawing these shapes when they are big but now is your time to really think about your precision, holding your pencil correctly and taking your time. Remember, stage one of the progression means that all of your shapes should be the same size, so you need to think about your shapes being small but also the same size.


You should complete the first 4 boxes of your mark making grid (one for each letter).


Please don't rush and make them look beautiful!