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30.04.20 & 01.05.20

SPAG Starter - 30.04.20

SPAG Starter - 01.05.20

Writing Task


Take a deep breath because today’s challenge is to write a sonnet.  In fact, you’ve got 2 days for this.

Sonnets have 14 lines and each line has 10 syllables.  (But you’ll be experts on counting syllables from yesterday’s haikus.)

They also have to rhyme in a certain way. See the example below.

Here's another example:

Have a go.  It’s not easy.  The most famous writer of sonnets was William Shakespeare.  Here is one of his most famous sonnets.

When you have written it, you could record yourself performing it and send us your video.  If your family are feeling brave, you could get them involved too.  If your parents or carers are happy for us to put it in the website, tell them to let us know when they send the email.

Good luck!