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Today we are going to be working on our imagination! We want the children to develop their imaginative thinking while playing a role. 


Here some of our ideas: 

1. To pretend you are walking into a bears cave. How would you move? Make sure to check behind you!

2. Taking a ride on a magic carpet. How would you sit? What can you see?

3. Travelling through space in a rocket. What would you see in space?

4. Going through an imaginary door into Snow White's cottage. Would you make any noise? What can you hear? 


What to look for:

- Children engaging fully in imaginative thinking and imaginative movements

- Children moving imaginatively in response to a given situation or scenario 

- Children discussing imagined situations


Questions you can ask:

- What items would you take with you on your journey? 

- How would you move your body? 

- What do you think would happen next?