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Understanding The World


  • First begin by showing the children the floating or sinking picture. Ask them if they can tell you about the different objects.  Encourage the children to talk about the position of the different objects in the water and the reasons behind this.
  • Give the children the opportunity to explore the objects, allowing them to pick them up to compare the weight of the different objects.
  • When the children have explored the objects, give each child a clip board with a recording sheet on. Look at the recording sheet together and explain how it will be used.
  • Select the first object from the collection and ask the children to think about what will happen when it is placed in the water.
  • Ask the children why they think the object has floated/sunk?  Did it support their predictions?
  • Support the children to record the result on their sheet.
  • When all of the objects have been tested ask the children to look at their sheet and tell you some of the objects that floated. Ask them why they think all of those objects floated.  Repeat this with the objects that sank.

Sort the objects into floating and sinking and take a photo.

Draw the objects onto the recording sheet to show if they float or sink.
Try to write the name of each object onto the recording sheet.