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Today for our topic learning we are going to be pirates like in our wake up shake up dance. I have seen you all dance to this video so I would love for you to WOW your adults at home. This first video is our warm up!


Just Dance Kids 2014 A Pirate You Shall Be

Next I would like you to watch a video of a dance show. The character the adults are playing are pirates. Look how they move their bodies to show the people that are watching they are pirates. Can you do some of their dance moves yourself? 


Kinetic Dance Studios - He's A Pirate



Now you have watched both these videos show your adults at home how to be a pirate. Remember the ways you have moved your body already and HAVE SOME FUN!!!


The video is a long one so you can stop it after a couple of minutes. 

Epic Pirate Music - Pirates & Buccaneers | Life of a Pirate