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Snail Project

I would like you to go for a walk today and find a snail.  Be gentle with it, remember we don’t want to hurt it. You will need to take a shoe box or pot that mum or dad doesn’t mind you using to put the snail in and bring it home with you.

Your snail will need:

Water – only a little on a shallow pot

Food – leaves, small cut up fruit or vegetables

Some shade


Watch your snail, what food does he go to?  Is there something he seems to prefer eating?

Draw a picture of your snail, thinking about the patterns on the shell, you could add the food he is eating into your drawing too.

I would love to see photos of your snail in his special pot.

Once you have finished looking at the snail make sure you put him back into the wild.  If you choose to keep your snail for a couple of days ensure your pot has a lid with some small holes so he can breathe and let him go after a couple of days.