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Computing vision

The aim of the school’s computing curriculum is to prepare and equip children with the knowledge and skills they need to become active participants in the digital world, whilst linking learning to real life.

Computing links closely with other aspects of the curriculum, such as mathematics, science and design and technology.


Through their time at the school, the children will be taught how to use, create and express themselves through digital means. Children learn the basic skills they need to use ICT hardware; as well as learning the basic knowledge to write code and simple algorithms for a computer to follow.

An essential part of the computing curriculum is E-safety.


The children are taught how to stay safe online, how to use hardware safely and what to do if they feel concerned about content they see or hear. Part of this is to understand the age restrictions that apply to some games and films. This enables children to enjoy using ICT hardware while keeping themselves, their friends and personal information safe. 

Progression of skills for computing

Overview of curriculum across the school