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Corona Virus

Thornhill Primary school Home School Agreement for use on return to school in September 2020


The school will:

  • Remind staff to comply with government guidance on COVID when outside of school.
  • Stay alert for any pupils demonstrating symptoms of the virus and send them home
  • Ensure classroom desks are as socially spaced as possible
  • Organise pupils and staff into working ‘bubbles’ but at times children also will be in their Year group bubbles (up to 60)
  • Stagger arrival and collection times and put in place appropriate measures to enable pupils and adults to socially distance between class bubbles.
  • Organise the premises and pupil movement in a way that reduces contact with other pupils, e.g. coats and bags stored in classrooms to avoid use of the corridor.
  • Allocate specific toilets to bubbles  
  • Stagger play and lunch times so that class bubbles do not mix. Ensure that equipment/toys are not shared between bubbles. Any PE equipment shared will be cleaned between each class bubble using them.
  • Provide pupils with their own personal equipment pack for use only by them
  • Provide cleaning equipment for teachers’ use in all classrooms
  • Follow cleaning routines to keep the premises clean throughout the day
  • Provide soap and sanitiser for use by pupils throughout the school ● Reinforce safe hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene at all times
  • Ensure shared resources and toys are cleaned regularly.
  • Deep clean the school regularly.
  • Regularly review risk assessments, taking account the changing situation relating to the coronavirus and subsequent emerging government guidance
  • Inform parents of any new changes in guidance for schools
  • Ensure learning focuses on pupils’ health and well-being, RSHE, English and maths
  • Discuss the ‘pupils will….’ section when pupils come to school and as needed and discuss the addendum to the school behaviour policy, ensuring that it is clearly understood.
  • Respond to emails sent to class email addresses by parents within 48 hours. In the event of any local, class or school lockdowns we will:- Provide a remote learning package of for two weeks of closure which will include daily Maths, English and Foundation lessons. Where possible provide IT support, hardware or physical resources to enable all children to access the remote learning. Provide feedback to parents and pupils on a daily basis.
  • If a child is not school ready and the school do not have the staff to be able to keep them in school safely, parents will be informed that their child’s hours have been reduced with a view to increase as soon as possible


Parents will:

● Ensure that their child attends school every day unless they are unwell or there is a reason for absence that has been agreed by the school.

● Comply with government COVID guidance for themselves and their children outside of school in order to minimize the risk to the health and wellbeing of other pupils and staff

● Comply with government track and trace guidance ensuring that the school is informed and isolation guidance is followed, if your child or a member of your household becomes unwell.

● Not bring their child into school if they or a household member have any coronavirus symptoms, or are unwell in any way

● Inform the school in advance if they are not bringing their child to school

● Ensure the school has up-to-date emergency contact numbers for their child

● Make contact with the school either via email or phone and not expect face-to-face meetings

● Arrive at drop off and collect their children from school at the times allocated to them.

● Leave site promptly, not stopping to chat to other parents

● Ensure their child only brings a packed lunch if absolutely necessary in KS1 (children in KS1 will be provided with a school packed lunch)

● Ensure their child comes to school in clean uniform every day

● Practise hand hygiene rules at home

● Discuss the ‘pupils will….’ section below before pupils come to school

● Contact teachers through class email addresses if they have any concerns or queries and not post concerns on social media sites

● Support the school’s addendum to the behaviour policy. In the event of class, school or local lockdowns: Ensure that pupils can access and engage with remote learning, completing all tasks that are given. Informing the school if there are issues accessing remote learning. Submit work remotely to your child’s class teacher for marking and feedback




Pupils will:

 ● Keep their distance from other children as much as possible

● Not touch other people

● Not touch other people’s things

● Follow school rules for arriving and leaving at the end of the day

● Only bring their water bottle, coat and book bag to school and keep them safely stored. PE kits will be taken into school on day one and left in school.

● Wash their hands when they arrive at school, before and after they eat, after they have been to the toilet and whenever the adult tells them to. Children will also use hand gel when directed

● Wash their hands carefully with soap for 20 seconds (2 happy birthdays)

● Cough or sneeze into their arm or use the tissues on their desk. ● Not to share resources from their own bag (pencils, pens etc)

● Only use the equipment in their zip bag

● Stay where the teacher tells them to, whether in class or in the playground ● Follow our school behaviour rules.

In the event of a class, school or local lockdown:- Complete all work that is sent home. Follow instructions from teachers and parents regarding home learning. Schools will endeavour to ensure that the school environment is as safe as it can be. Extra measures will be taken to ensure regular hand washing, sanitising, cleaning and social distancing (where possible).

Please note that, whilst we will do our utmost to provide a safe environment and follow government guidance, we can only do so to our best endeavours and knowledge of the Covid-19 virus.






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I have read and understood the home school agreement from 7th September 2020.


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