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Easter Crafts

Chocolate Nests

You will need:



Cup cake cases

Mini Eggs




How to Make chocolate nests

Wash your hands before starting.

  1. Melt chocolate - you will need an adult to help you
  2. Mix in the cereal until all of it is covered in chocolate
  3. Spoon the mixture into the cup cake cases
  4. Add 3 mini eggs
  5. Leave to call

Easter Card

You will need:

card or paper


paint brush

pens or pencils


How to make an Easter card

  1. Fold the card or paper in half
  2. Paint a small amount of paint onto your finger tip.
  3. Place your finger carefully onto the card to create the body of the chicken or rabbit.
  4. Leave to dry
  5. Add pen details, wings and a beak for a chicken or ears and a fluffy tail for the rabbit.
  6. Write inside your card


Easter Egg Patterns

You will need:


Cotton bud or paint brush




How to make an Easter egg pattern

  1. Draw an Easter egg shape onto paper
  2. Using a cotton bud create a pattern using different coloured paper
  3. Think about different patterns or shapes you could create