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Family Learning Days

Family Learning Days are a chance for Parents/Carers to spend time with their child during the school day. This provides the opportunity for you to gain knowledge of how your child learns. This opportunity usually happens once a term.


These are some of the evaluation responses from both children and parents:


"I think it's a brilliant idea that parents can come into their child's class and watch their learning".


"My children have been in this school for many years and I haven't really had any problems. It is an excellent school with excellent teachers"!


"The school is very well managed in the way the children are looked after and taught at school".


"My daughter has done so well at school. I am so proud of her and the hard work from the teachers".


"Very happy that my daughter is in such a lovely environment. Everyday I can see how she has grown after class. Thank you".


"I think it is great that the school engages with parents. They hold a lot of events for families".