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Friday 1st April 2020

Fractions of an Amount (1)


Today, we will be finding a unit fraction of an amount by dividing an amount into equal groups.




Take a look at this example question:



After counting the marbles, I can see that Ava has 20.


I therefore need to work out 20 ÷ the denominator which is  5 to find one fifth. 


To work out the answer to 20 ÷ 5, I need to split the marbles (20) into 5 equal groups:



I have split the marbles into 5 equal groups. Each group has 4 marbles in it. 


Therefore, one fifth of Eva's marbles is 4.



For more help with this, watch the PowerPoint below.





Complete the questions. The answer sheet has also been added underneath it so you can check your work.