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Friday 1st May

Percentages of Amounts

Today we are going to look at finding percentages of amounts within our Maths lesson. The lesson should take you about an hour or a little bit less.


Start of by carefully reading through the Learning Reminders which are attached below as pictures. The information on each of these should be very familiar to you as we have learnt this before. I know some of you have found percentages difficult in class so remember the points below:

ALL percentages (%) are out of 100. 

50% = a half

25% = one quarter

20% = one fifth

75% = three quarters


To find-

1% - divide by 100

10% - divide by 10

20% - divide by 5

25% - divide by 4

50% - divide by 2

75% - divide by 4 and multiply by 3


For numbers such as 72% of a number, I always say to find 1% and then multiply it up. 


A couple of examples of this:

72% of 900

1% of 900 = 9

so 72% of 900 = 9 x 72 = 648


63% of 450

1% of 450 = 4.5

so 63% of 450 = 4.5 x 63 = 283.5


When you feel like you are at a stage to practise you can do so by using the practise sheets below. You will have a choice of mild (easier) or hot (harder) and there are answers at the bottom of each set of questions so you can check - but make sure you don’t just copy the answers down. Remember to show your working out!


If you find the practises a bit tricky, have a go at the support task sheet!


When you feel you are confident complete the assessment questions - these are the “green sheets” you usually complete in class.


Make sure you send us your questions and/or your work. Enjoy.