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Doulton has been busy challenging himself to writing sentences.  I am so proud of his efforts.  Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more work soon.
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Freddie has completed his home learning and would also like to show you this special poster.  Despite all of the changes to routine, which we all find difficult, he has tried so hard.

Amazing effort! 

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Arya has been practising her writing at home.  Thank you for my lovely message.  This brightened my day.  I am missing you all too!
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Freddie has been super busy completing all of his home learning.  He has been trying super hard and I am very impressed with his work.  Keep up the good work! laugh

Olivia has been busy at home practising her writing.  Fantastic effort!

I look forward to seeing more of your amazing work. laugh

Gracie has been very busy completing her home learning.  Well done Gracie, keep up the hard work.
Thomas is working hard at home and has completed his Wanted Poster.  Well done Thomas, keep working hard.
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Fantastic effort Brennan, I love how hard you are working.  I look forward to seeing more.