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Well done to the 13 children who have been playing Numbots.  Your certificates will be given to you on Friday.  


If you have lost your log in's please email us and we will send you another copy.


Children should be accessing the app at least 4 times per week.


We will be setting up a prize for the child who gets the most points per week.

Counting is an essential skill and something that is easy to support at home.  

Try asking them to count how many knives and forks they need when helping to set the table.  Maybe they could count how many teddies they have or even how many controllers they have for the TV. 


Go on a number walk, point out to the children all the numbers they can see.  Bus numbers, house numbers, speed limit numbers.  Encourage your child to practice counting to 20 and recognising the digits 0-20.


We would love to hear how you have been learning your numbers.  Take a photo or email us to say what you have been trying.  We would love to add this to our display of home learning.