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Mindfulness and Wellbeing

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Here are some lovely videos to try :)


In these difficult times it is important to think about the day your in and carry out some mindful activities. 

They only have to be small things to build into your day.


  • Go for a walk and notice things you have not seen before.
  • When you are eating, eat slower than normal and enjoy all the tastes.
  • Try one of these videos.


Breathing is free and it will help keep you calm and grounded.

Home Learning:

Task 1: Mindfulness: Signs of Spring

If you can, go outside for this. What can you see, what can you hear, what can you feel?

Draw the things that come to mind. Make a collage/mind-map of the things that come to mind.

Back in class, write a poem (SPRING acrostic/ The Joys of Spring – In Spring I hear… In Spring I see… In Spring I feel… In Spring I think about... In Spring I can smell… etc…)

You could write a short Spring setting description in a forest, by a lake, on a mountain.

At a later date, you might want to do a relaxation/meditation activity. Ask the children to lie down, close their eyes and imagine they are in a place in Spring setting; what can they hear, see, smell, touch. How does it make them feel? What questions have they? What are they grateful for? What makes you feel good?


Task 2: Mood painting:

Talk about how different colours represent feelings. Then ask children to produce a mood painting to reflect the way they feel at the time or produce a wave of changing colour across the page to represent how they have been feeling over the course of a week.

Having produced it in colour, it is easier to talk about or they can write a diary entry for how they feel (or felt at a time in the week) and explaining their choice of colour.


Task 3: It’s okay to feel worried so long as we share them:


Consider who can help us and who we can share our worries with.

Now make a first aid box for your worries putting in it, things we can do to ease our worries, using the things that make us smile and the ways we can share our worries.

You can use a real box with things in it that make you smile or little notes that suggest what you can do if you are worried.


For any worries you may have, you can go to the Childline website:


If you are worried about the coronavirus, Childline has an area to help on their website:

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