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Monday 4th May

Monday 4th May


When you are at home it is so important that you are keeping healthy. PE not only helps you physically but it has also been proven to help you mentally.

There are some activities which you can carry out at home, whether it is in your back garden or when you are out doing some exercise with your family.


North, South, East, West Warm Up Game

Carry out the warm up exercises in the inner coned area, such as marching on the spot, shoulder circles or jumping jacks.

When one of the compass points is called out, spring to that side of the outer square and then jog back to the centre and wait for the next command. If you don’t have cones at home, use various objects to mark out the square, things like water bottles, jackets, shoes, will all work.

Activity 1

Jog back and forth between two cones (or other objects) and count the number of lengths run. How far can you run in 5 minutes?

Activity 2

Set up the cones (or other objects) 10m apart. Jog any route between the ones, counting how many you pass. You can run vertically or horizontally but NOT diagonally.

How far can you run in 5 minutes?

We would love to see pictures or videos of you taking part in this. Make sure you send them to your class teacher!