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Update - Tuesday 1st September 2020

We are all really looking forward to welcoming all children back into school next Monday. We are keen to fill our classrooms again with a love of learning and enable children and staff to bond and enjoy time with their new classes. Online learning will not be updated on the website as learning should go back to being provided within school for all pupils. Teachers may use this section of the website to upload homework and if any further lockdowns are required, you will again be able to find all information here.


As contact with your child's teacher will still be limited (in line with our risk assessment) you will continue to be able to contact your child's teacher via email using class email addresses. These will be available from next Monday. Please be aware that as teachers will be in school, teaching full time, they will not be able to respond to emails immediately. 


If you would like to contact Mr Collins or Miss Whyte to discuss PE , you can still contact them on: 


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