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Religious Education (R.E)

RE Vision

The intention of RE at Thornhill Primary is to give children the  knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of the religions and worldviews which shape their history and culture and guide their development. The aim is to give them confidence in their own beliefs and values so that they can respect the religious and cultural differences of others, and contribute to society.

Our school’s approach to RE enquiry has five key steps (which don’t have to be followed in a strict order):

  • Communicate – What does this concept mean to me?
  • Apply – How does this apply to my own life or other people’s lives?
  • Enquire – Find out about the concept.
  • Contextualise – Link the concept to a particular religion or faith.
  • Evaluate – What does the concept mean in that particular religion or faith?


For example:

Skills Progression