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Thursday 23rd April 2020

So far, your newspaper articles should be looking a little like this:


You should have named your newspaper, added a price, included a headline, and inserted a captioned photo.


You should have your first paragraph written with your 5 'W's and your second paragraph written with speech.


Within your work, you should also have used some conjunctions (see if you  can spot mine in your work).




Now, you are going to write your third and final paragraph. This paragraph is the least important. 

Newspapers are written in the format of an inverted pyramid, with all of the Important information first.

This is because in a lot of instances people don't even read the full story.



Within your final paragraph, just include more general information Often, in this paragraph  you'll read about what the subject of the article is now doing/ the latest update.


See mine as an example:




I've also added an advertisement at the end of my article. When you have written your final paragraph, you can do the same.