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Thursday 30th April

Thursday 30th April

Art - Mark Making

A nice way to calm down and stop any anxious thoughts or feelings is through mark making. In year 6 we know that many of you enjoy this and mindfulness colouring. Therefore, the second task for Art today you can use lots of different colours, as long as you are still mark making!


Task 1

To begin with, copy the patterns into the boxes underneath. Remember to take your time - your hand and wrist will probably hurt a little bit but this is to warm you up! If you are unable to print, draw three boxes on a sheet of paper and practise three different marks in each one.

Task 2

For this you can use lots of different colours - as long as you are still mark making. We don’t want to see anyone colouring in. Again, if you don’t have access to a printer, take your pencil for a walk and then complete the task.

If you would like to print the document and complete the work on it, it is attached below.