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Thursday 30th April 2020

Today you are going to be working out fractions on a number line.


The aim is for children to use a number line to represent fractions beyond one whole. They count forwards and backwards in fractions. Children need to know how to divide a number line into specific fractions i.e. when dividing into quarters, we need to ensure our number line is divided into four equal parts.


Some mathematical talk you could ask during the task being completed;

How many equal parts has the number line been divided into?

What does each interval represent?

How are the bar model and the number line the same?

How are they different?

How do we know where to place 1 5 on the number line?

How do we label fractions larger than one?



Work through the task below and then change colour pen and use the answers at the back to mark.


Don't forget to email us your work and let us know how you are doing, or if you have any questions.