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Thursday 2nd April 2020

Your task today is to add inverted commas (speech marks) to the following text. Remember to check the sentence for all the correct punctuation.


Follow these tips below to help you complete the sentences;

1) Put the speech marks around the parts that are spoken

2) Make sure the spoken parts start with a capital letter

3) Punctuation needs to be inside the speed marks - see example below

4) Do all names have a capital letter

5) Don't punctuation at the end of the sentence


The first one has been done for you.


1. dan can i come round to your house please asked miss parker

= "Dan can I come round to your house please?" asked Miss Parker.


2. can i have an ice cream please asked josh

3. what are you watching on tv charlie asked jack

4. stop theres a car coming yelled mr cawley

5. good morning everyone said mrs stamp

6. can you stop banging up there shouted billy

7. its lunch time announced mrs babbage 

8. please can i have blue option replied lily

9. i dont want to go to break whispered layla  

10. if you dont hurry up and get ready to go home your going to be sleeping here jordan joked mr tribbeck 




1. Can you write some of your own sentences with speech? 

2. Can you write a paragraph of a story and include speech within it?


Remember to send us your work!