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Times Table Rock Stars and Numbots

Times Table Rock Stars and Numbots


The school has subscribed to two different programmes called: Times Table Rock Stars and Numbots.


Times Table Rock Stars

Times Table Rock Stars is a game which helps children to learn their times tables and helps to improve their fluency. The purpose for this is to help our children to improve their times table knowledge, which is fundamental to underpin other, more complex maths problems. This programme is typically aimed at Year 2 onwards.



Numbots is a game designed for Year R onwards and it focusses on basic number bond skills and slowly progresses in Maths to teach children addition and subtraction. The game then helps children's recall of number facts which, in turn will help children to move on to harder Maths.




The links to access both games have been posted below. You will need your child's log in for this. Please contact your child's teacher if your child does not have a log in.


Click on the links below, for more detailed information on how to use the games at home with your children.