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Tuesday 5th May


Properties of circles

This topic within Maths is something completely new to you and it is quite tricky so we are going to do some work on it over the next couple of days. Do your best with it and if you are really stuck, use the extra resources or email your class teacher!

Below is a circle with the different parts labelled:

The first thing I would like you to do is to draw a circle on a blank page of paper. You can do this by drawing around something circular in your house or using a piece of string and a pencil.

  1. When you have drawn your circle, label the circumference, radius and diameter.
  2. Using your diagram, can you try and explain what the circumference, radius and diameter are?


Next, draw a number of different sizes of circles (they don’t have to be perfect) and label each of them with circumference, radius and diameter.


If I tell you that the diameter is double the radius, can you work out the following diameters? The first one has been done for you.

  1. Radius = 4cm, therefore Diameter = 4 x 2 = 8cm (I am multiplying by 2 because the diameter is double the radius)


  1. Radius = 8cm, Diameter = ?


  1. Radius = 2.7cm, Diameter = ?


Well done, we will do some more work on this tomorrow!