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Values and Ethos

'Working together to be the best that we can be' our school ethos and this can be seen, heard and experienced by all who enter Thornhill Primary School. 


Our vision is to create a positive, secure and stimulating environment in which everyone feels valued and can become successful learners.



I look after myself, others and the planet

I will treat others with love and forgiveness

I consider how my actions will affect the next generation


I can be accountable for my actions

I can use initiative

I can be independent


I listen to new ideas

I celebrate difference

I respect and am considerate of the views and opinions of others


I take time to consider an issue or problem

I know that my choices impact on others

I can talk about what has gone well and what could be improved


I embrace new experiences and am willing to have a go

I am honest with myself and others

I seek advice from others


I approach difficulties with a growth mindset

I challenge myself and others

I celebrate my strengths



To achieve this, the school:


  • provides high expectations for learning for all children and adults
  • provides all pupils with the knowledge, skills and values needed to be successful
  • provides a culture which fosters cooperation and collegiality
  • provides a centre for the community
  • promote an ethos of love, trust and forgiveness 


Within our school you will see children:


  • smiling and playing happily
  • discussing, evaluating and improving their learning and presentation
  • accessing and using resources, including adults, skilfully
  • explaining the purpose of their learning and their learning needs
  • interacting positively with other children and adults
  • attempting challenging tasks, making mistakes and modifying their actions
  • engaged in a range of tasks which include learning new skills and applying them
  • expressing themselves creatively and imaginatively
  • using all areas of the school purposefully and respectfully
  • making healthy choices
  • resolving arguments and conflicts
  • working together to be the best they can be