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W/B 20th April 2020

Weekly PE Home Learning Challenge- 20th April 2020


This week, your challenge is all about sending and receiving objects .  You can used rolled up socks if you haven't got a ball a home!


Use a member of your family as a partner.


Strike a ball/ object with your hand against a wall or to a partner, collecting the rebound.


Count how many times you can do this in a row successfully.


Send two objects alternately with each hand to your partner. Use both hands- sending one as your partner is returning one.  Can you get a rally going? How many time can you do this in a row? If you can do this more than 6 times in a row you could choose to move up to the next challenge.


Use one ball- throw and catch in one hand against a wall. OR Use rolled up socks with a partner one handed.

NOW try two balls or two sets of socks with  a partner.

Count how many successful catches you can make?


Practise these challenges each day and see if you can improve your personal best.