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W/B 20th April 2020

Weekly PE fundamental challenges- 20th April 2020


You will need to make a target on the floor- this could be hoop, a chalk circle,  a circle made with a skipping ropes  or even a rolled up towel. For the objects, you can use balls, or even rolled up pairs of socks!

Start in a front support position facing the target  and slide/roll or throw objects  into the  target placed 4 metres away. How many can you get into the target successfully?


 A family challenge- set up targets 4,5,and 6 metres away if you have room.  Decide a score for each target.Take turns to get objects into the targets and add up your scores to decide a winner.


The next challenges will need a ball that can bounce and a partner to help you.



Standing 1m apart- react quickly catch a ball dropped from shoulder height after 1 bounce.


React quickly and catch a ball after one bounce balancing on one leg. 

How many times can you successfully catch the ball- make sure you try with a balance on the other leg as well!


Stand side ways on to your partner a metre apart and catch the ball after one bounce.

Stand facing away from your partner 1m apart and catch the ball after one bounce.

Make it harder by standing up to 2 metres away. 


Each day, remember which colour  you started the challenges on.  You can always go back to the previous level and practise. At the end of this week- which challenge can you do well. How many times can you complete it successfully? This is your personal best.