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W/B 20th April 2020

Home learning challenges- 20th April 2020

There is a warm-up game for you to play with your family as well as fundamental personal best skill challenges to practise. Practise these each day , working towards achieving your highest personal best by the end of the week.


'Raid' warm-up game

You can play against a partner or in two teams with more members of your family.


2 teams of  players with the size of the area, and number of objects adapted as desired.


You can use household items, toys  or items of clothing as objects-e'g rolled up pairs of socks, toy cars

  • Each team has 2  ‘bases’ and the object of the game is to collect the objects  as quickly as possible and place them inside their ‘base’, with only 1 object collected at any one time.



  • There are 4 broad versions of the game:
  1. Teams go one at a time and play against the clock, i.e. the number of objects  they can collect and place in their base in 30 seconds. This can be done with the whole team working at once or as a relay.
  2. One player from each team collects an object , places it in one of their bases  and then tags the next in their team. The first team to get either the most objects.
  3. Both teams move around the area, pick up the objects  and place them in their 'base' as quickly as possible until all the objects have been collected.
  4. Both teams can either pick up objects  from the area and place them in their base or 'steal' them from the other team's base and put them in their own. Play for a set time limit and see which team has the most objects  at the end.


Fundamental skills personal best challenges.


This week's challenges are all about footwork.


In a straight line- hop scotch forwards and backwards. Use your left foot. Try again using your right foot.


In a straight line- hop scotch forwards and backs, alternating the foot you balance on.


Set out a wide zig zag course using objects from around the house.


Move forwards  in a zig zag- raise your knee before you change leading leg and direction.


Move backwards in a zig zag- raising knee before changing direction.


Take time to practise these footwork patterns. Start slowly and build up speed whilst maintaining balance and control.


You could add an additional challenge- if it is safe to do so, could you throw and catch or bounce a ball  whilst doing these levels of footwork challenges.