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W/B 20th April 2020

Weekly Challenges- 20th April 2020



If you have a ball , try the following:

  • Roll a ball from hand to hand on the floor while sitting down.

  • Roll a ball against a wall while kneeling, so it comes back to you. Do it both softly and quite hard.

  • Roll it to a family member instead of a wall.

  • Roll a ball in and out of an obstacle course or in an area avoiding others. First use one hand, then the other and then alternate hands.

  • Do some or all of the above using feet instead of hands.

  • Bounce and catch a ball on the spot. Then try it with a clap in between. See if you can do it while moving.


Challenge- how many times can you bounce and catch the ball.


Remember your score and try and beat it each time.